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Nutrition Programs


This session is geared towards the athlete. Athletes need to understand how to fuel themselves for their busy lifestyles including practices, weight training, cardio training, tournaments, school, plus all other life activities, etc! One thing that is a must with a busy lifestyle is efficiency so this session will provide recipe ideas and tips on how to prepare and pack food (aka meal prep) that will fuel you all week and tournament long! Did you know that when you work out, the cells in your muscles are breaking down!? Therefore you need to have a heavier protein based meal/snack AFTER your practice/training/games so those cells can re-build.

Duration: 2 to 3 hours

Registration Costs:

  • Athlete = $25
  • Interested person/Parent = $30

Remember to come hungry! Price includes food and lifetime knowledge and health. Looking forward to our session!


Time: 9:00 am

Dates: Dec 7th, Dec 14th, Jan 4th, Jan 11th

Email to reserve your spot and to receive a payment link.


This session is for the whole family! Parents are a HUGE influence on their youngsters so if the parents are eating brownies and drinking sodas, the kids are highly likely to be doing the same thing 😉 Highly processed and sugary food for an athlete is like filling your car up with the wrong gas and the car WILL stop performing well…Poor nutrition truly holds back an athlete from reaching full potential! So this session will provide recipe ideas (yes you get to eat too! J) and lifestyle tips to help transition to a healthier lifestyle and therefore creating a strong foundation for your athlete! BONUS: Everyone in the fam will become healthier!

Duration: 2 to 3 hours

Registration Costs:

*Price includes food and lifetime of knowledge & health!

  • Athlete + Parent/Guardian = $45
  • Athlete = $25
  • Interested person/Parent= $30


Times: 1:00 PM

Dates: Dec 8th, Dec 15th, Jan 5th

Email to reserve your spot and receive a payment link.

Disclaimer: United Volleyball Club is encouraging learning good nutrition to help athletes succeed in life and sports. United Volleyball is not liable for any event that takes place during or after the nutrition classes. The nutrition sessions coach is not a doctor or registered dietitian so the information presented should be used as general guidelines. She is providing suggestions on how to make nutritious food choices based on personal studies and experience. She is currently studying to become a Certified Nutritionist through International Sports Sciences Association and should be certified by mid 2020.