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Beach Elite — December 1, 2018 to May 5, 2019

Price $1,350.00

Program is for athletes who want to play beach volleyball as their main
sport. Available to athletes 10-18 yrs old who have the desire to compete.
This program focuses on building and improving skills that will equip our
players to succeed at the highest levels of junior beach volleyball

6 month program includes:
● 120+ hours of beach instruction and conditioning
● 5 Tournaments
● Strength and Conditioning


Beach Training — January 7, 2019 to April 25, 2019

Price: $800

Beach volleyball training is for all athletes 8 to 13yrs interested in beach volleyball. The
athlete can range from wanting to try beach volleyball, using it as supplemental training, or wanting to continue getting better at the sport. Beach volleyball training provides quality training without the commitment of traveling to tournaments.

Program includes:
● 90+ hours of instruction and conditioning
● 16 week program


Strength & Conditioning — December 1,  2018 to February 19, 2019

Anyone can participate. Registration link coming soon.

● 1 to 1.5 hours of instruction per session
● 8 Week session
● Cost $150

Our season starts in December with building the athlete’s strength and power (sandlegs).
Our workouts will consist of Strength & Conditioning exercises, along with Speed, Agility, Quickness movements. Players are under the direction of specialized, experienced instructors. This program develops the essential, physical foundation which players will need throughout the practice season and tournament play. During this training period, players are introduced to important sand movements and skills through drills that mimic playing. This program is geared toward beach volleyball however, this program will help with indoor volleyball as well, it is an excellent option to consider rather than traditional indoor jump training.