Fall Beach Ball-Training and League

Welcome to Fall Beach Ball! We will work on every skill related to volleyball while giving you the opportunity to put those skills into the game. Tuesdays will be training days and Thursdays will be league days. League days will consist of adult/junior league. The adults will partner with the juniors while playing Co-ed style rules. This was a blast last year.

Location will be at brahan spring park beach courts, 3770 Ivy Ave SW, Huntsville, AL 35805

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Fall Developmental Hybrid

Welcome to Fall Developmental Ball! We will teach you the basics of how to do EVERY skill for indoor and beach volleyball for 8 weeks. These skills are very important to learn properly, so why not learn them from the best instructors around? We will develop and teach the players to be successful in every skill: passing, setting, hitting, serving, etc. We want to introduce you to both worlds of volleyball. Tuesday’s will be for beach training and Thursday’s will be for indoor training.

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Beach Strength and Conditioning

Beach is more physical due to the shear nature of the sand. Conditioning to develop “sand legs” is important. Beach conditioning will also help strengthen your muscles, increase your endurance, and re-hab your over-used tendons. We will incorporate rolling out, bands, sprints, jumps, and shoulder therapy into the beach conditioning. This will be good for ALL athletes including ones in indoor season. These sessions will be developed by a physical therapist who plays and understands volleyball.

Conditioning will be done in the sand at Brahan Springs. 3770 Ivy Avenue. If the real feel temperature is below 35, then we will attempt to meet in The Rock Church weight room and gym.

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