Welcome to United Volleyball! We are so excited to have 28 teams for this 2020 season. If you have any pictures to share with us throughout the season, please use #unitedherewecome and email the pictures to unitedvbmedia@gmail.com so we can share them too!


Jump Training

Athens Jump training: click here

Beach Strength and Conditioning: click here


Second payments will be due Dec 11th. Please pay online as we are not accepting checks. Pay Here.

Nutritional Classes

Interested in learning how to fuel your body properly for max performance? Interested in learning how to cook meals for families on the go? Click here.

Positional Training

Positional training will be for setters, hitters, blockers, and defenders 15u to 18u. Learn more here.

Use Code: United10 to receive 10% off

Required membership for Beach players


Sponsor Ad Available

email us if interested in monetary donations to reduce costs for athletes